LIBERTA - EX Tsubuporon Peeling Gel EX 8g

Brand from Japan: LIBERTA. Softening keratinous grains with salicylic acid. Japanese ingredients such as Yokuinin extract (Hatumigi) penetrate into surface skin particles. Peel off with a peeling brush. How to use: Easy care just to rub twice in the morning and evening. Rotate the dial to the right until the brush is facing upward until the proper amount of liquid comes out, rub the pen tip to the area you care about and rub gently to draw a small circle. After use, wipe the brush with tissue paper, etc., close the cap tightly and keep it. There are individual differences in usage, but the standard of usage of one place is two to three dials. You can use it about twice a day in the morning and evening, about a month with one use. (It will be a guide only).

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